ART One Presentation at the High End

The curtain opened for the presentation of ART One at the High End 2016 in Munich. Together with Audiodata elektroakkustik GmbH, the record players of Tonart Stöger and the sound furniture manufacturers Falkenohr, we were able to great 1500 visitors in our premises.

In the course of the presentation, the visitors could listen to the excellent work of our development team Peter Schippers and Franz Stöger. The source for the music was the reference record player Revolution Black Diamond by Tonart, who also contributed the entire electronic.

Art One delighted the audience with unparalleled woofer rendition and dynamic due to its great spatial sound. This was achieved with a high, medium sound chassis and their unique Audiodata active-regulated woofer technology especially produced for Audiodata. Also worth mentioning is the complex chassis construction which forms the basis for this sound experience due to the composition of several materials.

As was the case last year, we were visited by Jonathan Valin, author at “The Absolute Sound”. His verdict was more than praising words:

“The €36k Audiodata Art One three-way, with aluminum tweeter and two mid/bass drivers, was, as noted, also a finalist on my short list of Best Sounds at the show. I liked Audiodata’s slightly larger speakers last year, and I loved its smaller one this year. Absolutely gorgeous on my Deano and PP&M LPs, with some of the best reproduction of string bass I heard in Munich, they may not have been the last word in detail but had I given an award for sheer gorgeousness of sound they would’ve won. This is a superb speaker from a company that richly deserves distribution in the U.S.”

This Art series is completed with the compact loudspeaker Art Two and the Art woofer. These shall be introduced in autumn.