3 Questions for Franz Stöger

For more than 20 years, Franz Stöger has been looking for the perfect sound.  In hi-fi circles he is primarily known as a refiner of high-quality hi-fi systems. In the mid-1990s, Stöger founded the company “Tonart” which specialises in customising highquality hi-fi systems.

Mr Stöger, how is it the case that after almost two decades of dealing in high-end hi-fi equipment, you’ve been thrust into Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH?

Over 20 years ago, as a trained radio and television technician, I had already begun to construct and tune amplifiers and speakers in our family business. I then took the step to self-employment when I founded my company Tonart. As the name suggests, it’s all about the art of sound development to me. I see my calling in helping my clients achieve perfect sound with available technology. The know-how required to optimally tune available equipment, and of course the top-quality equipment itself, is the true key to bringing sound to a new level. And it’s this area that I have spent the last two decades extensively researching. Audiodata has always offered the highest of quality and was therefore the logical choice of home for our own new developments.

What does perfect sound mean to you?

Really good loudspeakers as part of a really good sound system – combined with my personal fine-tuning – creating music that is simply fun to listen to. The art of perfect sound means finding the best way to deal with technical and spatial limitations. The aim must always be to best convey the quality of the recording to the listener. The absolute worst-case scenario would mean needing to mark where the best listening spot is on the couch with two red dots. It always has to sound good – whether I’m in the shower, sitting at my desk or lying in my bed.

What do you like best about working with Peter Schippers?

As the founder of the Audiodata brand, Peter Schippers is a living legend. He brings not just 30 years of experience in the construction of high-quality speakers, but also the talent to bring theoretical knowledge to life. Peter is an extremely meticulous engineer, knows the physics of sound like no other and is, above all, a true master in the interpretation of experimental sound measurements – and that is a huge asset.

Franz Stöger was co-founder and chief developer of Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH, based in Salzburg. With Audiodata’s relocation to Neumarkt, he resigned from all active and advisory functions in 2019.