3 Questions for Audiodata CEO Hannes Palfinger

Hannes Palfinger is a successful entrepreneur, a hi-fi freak and is dead serious when it comes to quality. The combination of these characteristics led to the founding of Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH in 2014. His mission: the perfect “Made in Austria” loudspeaker.

Mr Palfinger, you are a successful and busy business owner – what is your approach to hi-fi?

Hi-fi is something that I’ve been occupied with since the age of 16. Even then I had started to “tinker” with my own equipment and speakers. Over the years I’ve tried countless different brands and systems, and I was always looking for the perfect sound. At some point I met Franz Stöger who, since then, has systematically brought me closer to my goal. And through the years we have developed a very close friendship.

What does music mean to you personally?

Music is incredibly important. For me, the best way to relax after a stressful day at work, or to get away for a few hours, means listening to one of my favourite songs on a perfectly balanced sound system. When I listen to music, it is very deliberate – maximum enjoyment factor under the most perfect conditions possible.

Would you describe yourself as a quality fanatic?

Definitely! My zodiac sign is Virgo, perfectionism is pure pleasure for me. The overall experience of listening to good music on a quality system needs to be 100% consistent in every detail. This includes, for example, the appearance of materials: a speaker must not only sound really good, but also look accordingly outstanding. Even if you unscrew the product and take it apart, one thing must be clear to you: that someone put significant thought into its creation. Audiodata embodies that philosophy. The cooperation between Peter Schippers and Franz Stöger brings the concept of quality to a whole new level.

Hannes Palfinger is, among other things, Chairman of the Board of Palfinger AG. A former competitive athlete and family man, in 2014 he founded Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH alongside Franz Stöger in Salzburg.