The company

High-end engineering meets a lot of feeling


To develop loudspeakers that provide a unique audio experience and unprecedented music pleasure: it was with this objective that Hannes Palfinger and Franz Stöger founded Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH in Salzburg in 2014. They built on the excellent technical foundations of the company founded back in 1982 by Peter Schippers and Detlef Schmidt in Aachen. They supplemented the ingenious concept by adding a new dimension: namely a fusion of audio and design. Renowned product designer Stan Maes shaped and revolutionised the new Salzburg acoustic marvels: the Master One, Audiodata’s loudspeaker reference model, the Art One and the Art Two.

New developments and new name

Some time later, Franz Stöger left the company as a shareholder and the cooperation was terminated. Peter Schippers also stood down from his role and divested himself of his shares. Following the company’s relocation to Neumarkt am Wallersee, Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH became Audiodata Salzburg GmbH.


Creating a blend of individual sounds and frequencies, of highs and lows, of space and time: music is capable of doing that. So too is engineering expertise – namely that at Audiodata. With its reference loudspeakers Master One, Art One and Art Two, the Salzburg-based company fulfils the highest of demands and thus wants to be among the best in the world.

The strength of Audiodata – accurate Playback time

The signals always reach the ear at the same time. The result is perfect stereo panorama and maximum spatial depth. The sound is represented flawlessly and with spatial perfection. The music experience is immediate.

Handmade in Europe

Audiodata utilises sophisticated technology and 100 percent European expertise. Audiodata customers can count on highly qualified local contacts and expertise. And on regional production: because every single loudspeaker is made 100 percent by hand in Austria and all suppliers come from Europe. Audiodata gives a three-year guarantee on all individual parts.

Pure Analog

They refine and reproduce music with emotion, in the way that a concert is experienced – genuinely, passionately and physically tangible. Audiodata leads people to a genuine experience of music: forgetting the world while listening to a three-hour opera, appreciating concerts as if sitting in front of the orchestra, or surrendering to the beat dancing in the room. With the new Master One, the Art One and Art Two you don’t hear music – you experience it, you become one with it.

Outstanding Design

Music is a wonderful kind of Arts and this should be experienced on a reasonable level. With his special connection between elegance and dynamics the leading international acting product designer Stan Maes sets completely new design standards for loudspeakers.

Salzburg Music Culture

There seem to be only a few places in the world where music and culture are lived as in Salzburg. “The atmosphere of Salzburg is saturated with beauty, play and art”, said Max Reinhard.

The UNESCO World Heritage represents cultural variety second to none. World renowned personalities, such as Thomas Bernhard, Herbert von Karajan, Stefan Zweig, Arturo Toscanini, Peter Handke, and Hugo von Hofmannsthal characterised the city considerably in its cultural development. However, above everything hovers the spirit of one of the greatest music geniuses of all times: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Amidst this inspiring atmosphere, AUDIODATA develops speakers with a claim no less than belonging to the best in the world. All of Salzburg is a stage with unrivalled energy, which is also present in each AUDIODATA speaker. Music is not reproduced coldly, but processed emotionally and played as you experience a successful concert: real and full of passion.


Since 2018, Audiodata has had a new company home in Neumarkt am Wallersee – and the entire team have had ample space to carry out the individual stages of new developments to the highest of engineering standards. The company building reflects the production line that a loudspeaker runs through during its development. For going from room to room here means experiencing the development process of a loudspeaker. Located upstairs are the offices of the management team, marketing, PR and administration, plus the demonstration room, where Hannes Palfinger demonstrates to potential customers unique music reproduction on different systems from Accuphase, Linn, Roksan, Symphonice Line, Transrotor, Parasound, Audio Research and Cyrus.


Ground floor
  • 1Storage
  • 2Workshop
  • 3Quality control
  • 4Pre assembly
  • 5Final assembly
  • 6Tuning room
  • 7Reverberation room
Upper floor
  • 8Sales and Marketing department
  • 9Management
  • 10Accounting
  • 11Demonstration room


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