the purest
form of music

About Audiodata

What loudspeakers from Audiodata facilitate is infinite: experiencing music with all your senses. Key to this is the absolute audio quality of every model. Compatible with premium hi-fi and high-end equipment from Europe, the USA and Asia, Audiodata provides music lovers and producers with technical perfection in its most ingenious form.

Pure goose bumps with Audiodata

First-class loudspeakers

There’s a new name for goosebumps: Master One, Art One, Art Two. These reference loudspeakers combine outstanding engineering expertise with unparalleled acoustic experiences.
The basis for good sound is a time-correct dual coax chassis, with the complete tweeter sitting in the acoustic centre of the mid-range driver. In this way you come very close to the ideal of acoustics, the point source. Mid-range and high frequency signals always reach the ear simultaneously, thus creating a full stereo panorama with maximum spatial depth.