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For Audiodata loudspeakers little details play a big role: the acoustically optimal internal cabling is perfectly suited as the connection between amplifier and loudspeakers. The LS-CU 4 cable is made of high-purity, oxygen-free copper, with high-quality Teflon used as the insulator. This combination of materials enables enormous resolution in low, mid-range and high frequencies.

Custom cable solutions made in Germany

The cables are made up to customer specification at the Audiodata site in Neumarkt am Wallersee and manufactured by a renowned cable producer in Germany. This makes Audiodata able to fulfil almost any customer request, from cable length all the way to loudspeaker jack.

Configuration 1

Single-Wiring with WBT – 0610 CU

Configuration 2

Bi-Wiring with gold plate hollow bananas

Configuration 3

Four-Wiring with gold plate hollow bananas

Variable length

Technical details


Wire4 x 2,5 mm2
Strand322 x 0.1 mm oxygen free copperstrand
IsolationTeflon (FEP),each wire seperate

Cables grow with
the system

Another special feature of Audiodata cables: they grow with the system. Starting with one cable per loudspeaker side, you can use up to four or more cables per speaker (dependent on the connection terminal it has).