3 Questions for Audiodata CEO Hannes Palfinger

Hannes Palfinger is a successful entrepreneur, a hi-fi freak and is dead serious when it comes to quality. The combination of these characteristics led to the founding of Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH in 2014. His mission: the perfect “Made in Austria” loudspeaker.

3 Questions for Audiodata’s Lead Developer, Franz Stöger

For more than 20 years, Franz Stöger has dedicated himself to finding the perfect sound – and so far he’s been highly successful. As the Austrian importer of Audiodata loudspeakers and a fine-tuner of high-quality hi-fi systems, he has earned much respect. In 2014, he founded Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH along with Hannes Palfinger. Under his leadership, the new Master One – his first co-production with Audiodata veteran Peter Schippers – was unveiled at Audiodata’s Vöcklabruck showroom.

3 Questions for Audiodata founder Peter Schippers

His name is inseparably linked with the name Audiodata: in 1982 in Aachen, Germany, Peter Schippers founded the legendary loudspeaker brand. One of the first to do so, the young hi-fi pioneer used modern computer technology to minimise both manufacturing tolerances and standard deviation within a production series. And Peter Schippers is still at the leading edge with the new Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH: together with Franz Stöger, he has developed the new loudspeaker series MASTER ONE.

3 Questions to Product Designer Stan Maes

He belongs to the generation of aspiring, internationally active product designers and, as a native Belgian, still has a great connection with Austria: Audiodata designer Stan Maes talks about his career, the personal design philosophy and the challenge of creating products whose main task it is to sound good.