There seem to be only a few places in the world where music and culture are lived as in Salzburg. “The atmosphere of Salzburg is saturated with beauty, play and art”, said Max Reinhard.

The UNESCO World Heritage represents cultural variety second to none. World renowned personalities, such as Thomas Bernhard, Herbert von Karajan, Stefan Zweig, Arturo Toscanini, Peter Handke, and Hugo von Hofmannsthal characterised the city considerably in its cultural development. However, above everything hovers the spirit of one of the greatest music geniuses of all times: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Amidst this inspiring atmosphere, AUDIODATA develops speakers with a claim no less than belonging to the best in the world. All of Salzburg is a stage with unrivalled energy, which is also present in each AUDIODATA speaker. Music is not reproduced coldly, but processed emotionally and played as you experience a successful concert: real and full of passion.



Review High End 2017

During the High End 2017 in Munich we presented the passive Art One.

The presentation in our room with an amplifier from Soulution Audio, the turntable from Tonart and the HIFI Furniture made by Falkenohr was both – a visual and a sound experience. The smell of fresh coffee and the taste of original Salzburger Mozartkugeln made the visitors feel like having a seat in a café during the Salzburg Festival in Summer.

For developing the Art One (p) we had a lot of technical innovations from Austria, Germany and Norway. A basic change according to the part-active Art One, which we presented last year, was to use the Beryllium Tweeter also for the Art Series. The sound seems to be very smooth and more natural comparing to the Aluminum tweeter. The visitors were leaving our room with a smile in their faces after they enjoyed the wonderful sounds of Pink Floyd or Leonhard Cohen.

Many german and international dealers have been very excited of the great sound of the Art One (p)

High End 2017

As every year we will exhibit at the High End 2017 in Munich. We proudly present the Art One in a passive Version.

The music, played by Turntables from Tonart, the amplifier by Soulution Audio presented on audio furniture by falkenohr, will invite you to a very special sound experience.

We are looking forward to see you in Munich!

Audioforum Zürich

Audioforum Zürich has been a loyal and faithful companion for many years for the brand Audiodata. In the context of the reopening on 11.11.2016 the owner Ernesto Palmieri invited friends and clients of the house for an evening of special pleasures.