The highest standard of engineering encounters a lot of emotion.

The result: the beginning of a new era.

Music is the start of everything. It accompanies us throughout our lives. It makes us cry and laugh. It gives comfort and celebrates those moments that linger. Without limits. Without compromises.

Sound makes music. For more than 30 years Audiodata has therefore only ever had one aim: to create the perfect sound. Admittedly – the journey has not always been easy but the results speak for themselves.

Our claim is to have produced the perfect speaker. Nothing more. But above all, nothing less.

Only those who continue to make attempts can realise big goals. Audiodata is making a fresh start.

In 1982 Peter Schippers started to create stereo speaker systems. Today their sound quality is still referred to in the professional world. 2014 saw a new beginning: building on the excellent technical basis, Hannes Palfinger and Franz Stöger created the newly founded Audiodata speaker GmbH which is headquartered in Salzburg, the renewed speakers which set standards.


Hannes Palfinger


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Brigitte Palfinger


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Review Westdeutsche HIFI-Tage Bonn 2017

„This sound is really great! We have never heard a Partout playing like this!“ This was the reaction of the visitors of our austrian partner Tonart Stöger during the “Westdeutschen HIFI Tage” in Bonn.

Franz Stöger presented net filter, cable and turntables from Tonart, amplifier from Block Audio and the full modified loudspeaker Partout out of our Updateprogram “Solid Gold”.

The modification have brought the connection terminal and the internal wiring to the actual state of the art.

For further information take a look at our Homepage or get in contact with us.

Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage

During the Westdeutsche HIFI Tage from 30.9. to 1.10.2017 our Austrian partner TONART Franz Stöger presents our Update program “Solid Gold”. Enjoy the sound of a completely modified Partout in Room 173 on the 1st floor in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn.

Review High End 2017

During the High End 2017 in Munich we presented the passive Art One.

The presentation in our room with an amplifier from Soulution Audio, the turntable from Tonart and the HIFI Furniture made by Falkenohr was both – a visual and a sound experience. The smell of fresh coffee and the taste of original Salzburger Mozartkugeln made the visitors feel like having a seat in a café during the Salzburg Festival in Summer.

For developing the Art One (p) we had a lot of technical innovations from Austria, Germany and Norway. A basic change according to the part-active Art One, which we presented last year, was to use the Beryllium Tweeter also for the Art Series. The sound seems to be very smooth and more natural comparing to the Aluminum tweeter. The visitors were leaving our room with a smile in their faces after they enjoyed the wonderful sounds of Pink Floyd or Leonhard Cohen.

Many german and international dealers have been very excited of the great sound of the Art One (p)