Highest Salzburg sound art

Every new loudspeaker is a challenge for Audiodata to exceed its own limits.

Shortly after the presentation of the preeminent Master One, we have taken on
a task, which could hardly be more ambitious: let us transfer the performance of our reference loudspeaker into a more compact housing.

The result of this challenge is manifested in one of the most exciting loudspeakers of the past 30 years.

A masterly
in every

Die Art One.
In the bag

Everyone, who experiences Art One for the first time has naturally one question: what is the technology behind this extraordinary loudspeaker? This question cannot be answered easily, because Art One is much more than just the sum of components. Of course, only components of the highest quality are used in the loudspeaker, such as the coaxial chassis especially manufactured for Audiodata, or the actively regulated woofers, but Art One would only be a very good loudspeaker without the numerous sophisticated details and the perfect coordination.

The housing designed by Stan Maes, for example, is a component, where resonance will not stand a chance and which considerably contributes to the sound experience due to its extremely elaborate construction with sand-filled intermediate chambers. New paths were also taken in the diplexer and the internal wiring. Every last detail was subject to our aspiration for perfect sound. The Art One is available in a passive or part active Version.


The strengths of Audiodata: accurate playback time.

The signals always reach the ear at the same time. The result is perfect stereo panorama and maximum spatial depth. The sound is represented flawlessly and with spatial perfection. The music experience is immediate.

Created by leading industrial designer Stan Maes, Art One is the second co-production by Franz Stöger and Peter Schippers. The essence of Audiodata’s new philosophy which combines the best of two generations.

3-way speaker, sealed housing in the base range, active sensor-controlled individual regulation of the woofers, MDF construction with wall soundproofng through steel ball-flled inner chambers, distinct and high-quality housing material matched to provide optimum resonance.

2 woofers, diameter 220 mm, carbon fibre membrane, 1 subwoofer, Ø 148 mm, magnesium membrane, 1 coaxial tweeter, Ø 25 mm, beryllium membrane

Active electronic for woofers:
2 power stages at 180 watts

Bi-wiring terminal area

Crossover frequency
200/2.500 Hz

Frequency range
20 – 25.000 Hz

62 kg

Dimensions (W x H x D)
220 x 1270 x 500 mm with spikes

Rated value 4 Ω, Min. 3,1 Ω

Pair matching
> ± 0,5 dB (left/right speaker)

Power rating
200 watts sinus

Housing: standard silk mat white, Individual lacquer and veneer available upon request
Back panel: anodised in black and silver

60 months full warranty (passive HHT)

Technical modifications reserved.




Audiodata relocated

With the beginning of 2018 the Audiodata Lautsprecher GmbH will be located in Neumarkt, 20 min in the north of Salzburg. Here are some impressions. We are looking forward to create new excellent loudspeakers for you in our new surroundings!

Review Westdeutsche HIFI-Tage Bonn 2017

„This sound is really great! We have never heard a Partout playing like this!“ This was the reaction of the visitors of our austrian partner Tonart Stöger during the “Westdeutschen HIFI Tage” in Bonn.

Franz Stöger presented net filter, cable and turntables from Tonart, amplifier from Block Audio and the full modified loudspeaker Partout out of our Updateprogram “Solid Gold”.

The modification have brought the connection terminal and the internal wiring to the actual state of the art.

For further information take a look at our Homepage or get in contact with us.

Westdeutsche Hifi-Tage

During the Westdeutsche HIFI Tage from 30.9. to 1.10.2017 our Austrian partner TONART Franz Stöger presents our Update program “Solid Gold”. Enjoy the sound of a completely modified Partout in Room 173 on the 1st floor in the Maritim Hotel in Bonn.